Prime Time Series

The Nu TV Network is the official home of the Nu Exclusive Original Series hit shows “Torture,” “Vigilant,” “The Friend Zone,” “Undead Silence,” and “The Terms.”

Watch new episodes of the fan favorite fast paced action drama thriller series “TheTerms” every #DoOrDieFriday at 10pm following the brand new action drama series that has the critics talking, “Torture” at 9pm! Both are top shelf Nu Exclusive Series. IMG_1866

IMG_8820The award winning live action sitcom about the terrible problems of being a superhero   “Vigilant” airs every #WeGotJokesMondays at 9:30pm.


The Brand new smash Nu Exclusive Series “The Friends Zone” airs its super hilarious and sophisticated fart jokes every #DreamBigThursday at 8:00pm. Catch Reese as he navigates his new life in the Friend Zone. IMG_1921Saturday Nights tune for one of the best new horror series out now, “Undead Silence!” See how a hand full of survivors try and stay alive while being hunted by zombies. The world has ended, will you survive? Catch “Undead Silence” Saturday Nights at 10pm only on the Nu!