This season the Nu is extremely excited to announce its Fall 2017 Prime Time Series schedule lineup full of Nu Exclusive original series like fan favorites “Torture,” “Vigilant,” and “Terms” because not only are we welcoming back some of our favorites but we are also welcoming some brand new incredible series to our line up as well! So here’s what you came for and remember you can only find our original series here! The Nu TV Network App and live on  Roku TV & Apple TV, Try the Nu App! For Free!


8:00pm- “The Put Down” (Season 1): The award winning series from best director winner Shonnie Jackson follows the tumultuous adventures in love of “Kinecia” a college student and her sex in the city-esque group of female friends.

8:30pm- “D.C. Yuppies” (Seasons 2):  The incredible and award winning DC Yuppies is produced by Brandon Hairston and centers around a group of cool adult friends who’s professional lives are as entertaining as their personal lives.

9:30pm- “Vigilant” (Season 1): Produced by Evil Iguana Productions,  the award winning live action comedy about a normal guy that tries being a superhero in his spare time only to get the wrong guys mad at him.


9:00pm- “Chip Reader” (Season 1): The love drama chronicles the misadventures of a college students who’s only chance at graduating is to do something illegal for their teacher.

10:00pm- “Oldhead” (Season 1): The fan favorite action packed love drama set in inner city Philadelphia around a young man that’s fresh out of jail and struggles to help pay his little brothers college tuition all while trying to avoid jail and old enemies, produced by Chenault Films.


8:00pm- Rock Star Pro Wresltling re-broadcast


8:00pm “The Friendz Zone” (Season 1): A hilarious comedy in the vain of Sienfield for a hipper cooler audience comes complete with in your face story lines about relationships and making friends.

9:00pm “Nightlife” (Season 1): The highly favorited award winning love drama follows the ambitious efforts of New York City party promoters as they try to take over the party scene and the ensuing drama of love triangles, thieving partners, and of course all of the big city mischief, produced by Give and Go Films.


9:00pm- “Torture” (Season 1):  The gripping and engaging action drama set in the heart of Baltimore, Maryland, is the story of a drug dealer who’s karma catches up to him, produced by Wotts Productions.

10:00pm- “The Terms” (Season 3): The incredible fan favorite action thriller drama series from Aleady Best Productions, features raw authentic depictions of hard life and times in the unforgiving streets of New York intwined in a story of family and loyalty while infused with phenomenal gun play action scenes.


6:00pm -“Rock Star Pro Amp” premieres: The high flying incredible action of the best new professional wrestling league kicks off with all new excitement and the best matches.

7:00pm- “Luxe Kurves TV” with host “Brandee J”: Upscale and instyle guests are featured on the “Glam Couch” where they dish are best of the industry ins and outs plus the latest fashion scoops.

7:30pm- “World Wide Entertainment TV”: The international sensation features the latest and greatest in top music artists plus exclusive celebrity interviews and the best indie artists anywhere.



10:00pm- “Undead Silence”  (Season 1):  Undead Zombies roam the earth and the few survivors that are left are forced to get along to live but not every one wants to live, produced by Scene Splice.


8:00pm “Choices” (Season 3): The crime follows the lives of some good cops that are threatened with some bad options and the choices they make.

*Subject To Change

Super thanks to all of our incredible shows and stay tuned, don’t miss an episode.