E7554E84-B33A-4954-B158-96C5E2CC6BEC-2917-000006463CFF24E1The are few words to describe SGD aka Somebody’s Gotta Die but I’ll try. Compelling, engaging, suspenseful, gripping, and creative are the best ones I could fathom. How guys wish they could be the super cool lead character Mark who’s always in control and has a solution for every kind of problem imaginable. And how many girls have been Tiffany? Stuck dating the dope boy with all the money and cars and finding themselves just a trophy piece or worst an accessory to the crime. Well for 2 seasons we’ve been able to live the Miami high life Equipped with nice homes, swimming pools, and top shelf eye candy. Porsche, the slim sexy side girl emerged in season 2 with her own tulmutous relationship with Deek, Mark’s arch enemy who’s trying to destroy everything Mark has built. While Mark and Tiffany’s relationship resembled that of the elegant queen in her Royal castle, Porsche and Deek added contrast by being a down to earth ghetto love that most only get to see on SGD. And yes last season Deek was sneaking and dating Tiffany but this season she has a new side piece to match Mark side pieceing her cousin. The lies are every where and even Porsche has been faking a pregnancy. Not to forget Brandy and Rabbit and their break up to make up love. Brandy fell victim to date rape drug and then decided to marry the rapist. What is she really planning.5448E64F-90F6-42F1-B1D0-C551E8BDD826-2917-00000646514D467B

All things done in the dark must come to the light and when these guys find out the truth, somebody’s gotta die!

tonight on TheNu

written by

Steven Wright