The new season of Game Of Thrones is approaching faster than some of us would like to believe. True the series normally airs on HBO in March and ends around mid summer but this year its taking a little longer. This delay is fine with me because being a Starks’ by blood, in real life, means I am destined to live each season before it airs.

And this year being the epic climax is seemingly no different. I am back from the wall and ready to defend our culture with our lives. The wall in my life was Hollywood and the priests that John joined were examples of warrior priests who’s job was to keep the people safe from the growing forces beyond the world. The priests were charged with keeping the peace and keeping the secrets of the eminent dangers that lie ahead. The priests come from every kingdom and form bonds based on their common servitude.

This season we are headed for war but not the war most people have been waiting for of man versus man but this war is man versus nature personified. The ever present motto of the Starks which, states “Winter is coming” fore tells the need for vigilance but doesn’t tell you who or what winter is. Winter is the beginning stage of existence so Win-ter or Won-der or One-Tor represent a washing away of the “garbage” and dirt that has built up over the ages.

We see our heroes all preparing to fight each other but the true beauty of this season will be when they are surely forced to join together and fight against the super natural enemy that cares nothing about their petty mortal differences.

The Nu TV Network is John Starks gathering up the wild-lings in real life. The series called them wild lings but we call ourselves “Indies.” Our mission is the same as in the series, defeat the unfair social-economic structure upheld and promoted by the “blonde hair-blue eyed Lannisters,” We are NU and fighting enemies to the south, enemies to the east and west & enemies to North. Granted I am the king of the North and when The Game told everyone that Meek Mill stole my lifestyle and it was reprinted in press all around the world it was like that dinner after the “Battle Of the Bastards” when everyone screamed “Long Live the King of The North.”  Humbly I accept but coming from the Wall/Hollywood I know that being king is not what people think it is. A king lives to serve his people because with out them he has no kingdom.

This series is our life and now I am totally engaged in this war with tv networks and haters alike for the hearts and minds of our follow brothers and sisters. The only difference is I see that this war will only be won once we average Oneness. We can’t kill each other because the enemy resurrects into a zombie like state and uses them to kill who’s ever left.

This season is all about Oneness and I can’t wait until I see it because that means I have achieved. Winter is Here!!!!!! Watch the new trailer below


Priest King