It’s so easy to fool the masses of people just entertain them. We are so quick to believe that the government or America is racist but in actuality there just liars and bad ones at that. Racism is a tool of the wealthy and they use it to keep the citizens fighting with each other instead of looking at the person or persons who are pitting them against each other. “White” people feel like at least I’m not “Black” and that feeling is based upon a fake status and then given “illusionary” privileges. Black suffer from exclusion so in turn they desire inclusion. For instance “Black” people believe they are fighting an entire system and thus they desire to be apart of the system in hopes of ending the “war.” Being a minority you tend to look out for others in the minority thus creating a “we all we got” type of attitude among the excluded. But who do the “White” people got? The average con artist or future ponzi schemer is not targeting “Black” folks he’s targeting his fellow “White” man. And the government has of course been outed in the Tuskegee Experiments where they allowed “Black” men to contract STDs and go with out treatment in the name of science but how many of us know that the government conducted experiments on mentality retarded white children and adults for decades. The gave the “Blacks” crack cocaine but that was only after years of perfecting their evil style giving LSD to white college students in the 60’s. They don’t see races they just use the idea.
We all learned in school about the “Indians” that threw the King’s tea into the Boston Harbor. Ok yes we learned that they weren’t real Indians but some “White” folks dressing up as Indians to create a stir and get away with a crime. It’s wasn’t “Blacks” back then it was “Indians” and today it’s “Muslims” but the point remains the same, keep the people separate and mad at each other. These guys are “our” “founding fathers” do you think they just stop doing fake Indian tea parties. Highly unlikely, more likely everything that followed there successful “Revolutionary war” would be fake a “Indian Tea Parties” because they know it works. Today they call it a “hoax,” I think, but the point is that what is happening is not racism it’s just opportunities to entertain. I’m sure back in those days it made sense that the Indians would do that but we know today they the Indians were definitely not involved. Sorry no indians anywhere to be found but the still got the blame at the time. Today we know it was a lie and we know that people will lie and create fabricated scenes to further goals. The term racism is confusing, prejudice is more simple and explains what “Blacks” face today. These prejudices are gained from TV and movies mostly but translate into our daily existence. They need us to see insignificant differences in each other in order for them to keep us separate and not pointing at them. The government is definitely not racist but as long as you proclaim racism can exist they can marginalize you into a race that doesn’t really exist. It’s ok to have your own culture and morals but do not ever let them pick on any “little” group because they will one day do the same to you. How many “White” towns have had radiation poisoning in their soil and have had their water poisoned by big companies? Hundreds, they don’t care about your race stupid let them control you with it. The next time they tell you about a terrorist attack, think about the Boston Tea Party and remember that these new terrorists may be white folks dressed as Indians.