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Bill Cosby did not want us to know that he hung out at the playboy mansion even though he hosted the “Playboy Jazz Festival” every year. You weren’t supposed to put those things together. Bill actually dropped a few hot jazz/funk albums with Quincy Jones so he’s good in jazz circle but Playboy, we never knew. Bill Cosby was a guy that probably thinks he’s smarter than the average guy and he seemingly showed it around the time he started condemning Black boys for their sagging pants. Still we didn’t take it as him being uppity and looking down on us because we were so thirsty for someone to act like they cared that we mostly just accepted it with a slain grain of salt. But at that time it might have been the real Bill Cosby. Not the guy that we love Cliff Huxtable but the guy we needed, grandpa. Cosby, unfortunately, really wants a tv network of his own but he never took the time to study the industry. He was an actor getting a check but never seeing how the checks were created and these checks are created from nothing. Television as a mainstream industry is not what we see in the entertainment industry, Cosby knew this but didn’t know what kind of industry it really is. He understand the programming part, the part where tv shows and movies can influence the minds and behaviors of the masses but he didn’t get the part about the money. Supposedly, NBC was for sell for around $400 million at the time and Cosby, who really did what to by a station, could afford to pay that and his credit and assets would allow him to put together a team of investors to cover any costs but what he didn’t understand was how a tv network that makes over $1 billion a year could only be sold for less than half that.
When I say Cosby really wanted a station it’s true because even after the murder of his son he tried to start another network and enlisted the help of the same company that helped Oprah launch her network, and that’s when the drugging drama unfolded particularly finishing him. What Bill didn’t know was, after World War 2 the government started the 3 major networks. Television was labeled as a vital communication line and vital to national security. That’s why you used to see tests of the emergency broadcast system, meaning that all systems can become one at the government’s desire. They don’t do that as much anymore they have become way more sophisticated and use “Terror Alerts” and amber alerts to your mobile phone.
American Broadcast, National Broadcast, they both sound like state owned enterprises to the person that researches. Just like the National Basketball Association sounds like a government certified company. All of these companies support each other and benefit from government subsidies. Remember when all of NBC’s became CBS’s overnight? That shows collusion, at minimum, but that “switch” was designed to make you have to find a new favorite station and hopefully on cable because CBS and NBC own the majority of the top cable networks. Cosby was oblivious that something like this was even in the works and once he found out why he really couldn’t buy NBC he might have tried to go public with it and they “Dave Chappelle’d” him before Dave Chappelle. He thought that money mattered but this is a matter of national security Bill, you gotta think. See in the end they ended up selling the network to Comcast not for the money but because it was a bigger platform. Like Time sold to AOL it wasn’t about the money it was about the look of being ready for the digital age and the larger worldwide platform. Cosby just set up a couple people who didn’t want a station like Magic and Diddy but good faces and promoters that will be quiet and smile. Bill Cosby really wanted a station so much that he went to war with the networks but he never had any G’s to give him the whole television scheme, because yes the television industry is gangster just like the music industry. Bill thought it was just business but it’s national security.
Then we have the infamous second second that played out on the front pages of every magazine. This all out attack was probably initiated by our our now President Donald Trump. When Cosby had the audacity to say that Donald Trump wasn’t a real candidate that sent the political people into an uproar. See politics is totally different. Scandals and snooping is their bread and butter so any little thing Cosby had in is past was going to find its way into the public arena. Why? Well most importantly because now it was an issue of a candidate, that may be a modern day “Manchurian President” with alleged ties to the Russians and their large KGB spy network, and their bigger plan of getting him into the white house which Cosby almost blocked. Cosby’s public image had to be tweaked first. Cosby as we knew him then was so too credible to discredit by Trump or anyone and Cosby’s seemingly disapproval of a Trump candidacy held say to all American’s white and black.
The Russians, the political hacks that get paid by campaigns, the spies, and the big business guys, all wanted to discredit Cosby so their guy could get in. Cosby set him self on fire this time. The networks stop airing Cosby’s shows actually were going to stop airing them anyway because Cosby was starting his own network and shooting a new show with some familiar faces. It makes sense if you want to see the Cosby show you have to watch it on the Cosby Network. The Trump campaign spent a Billion dollars to win a job that pays less than $500,000 a year. Discrediting Cosby was just an ends to a greater means. That was the real Bill Cosby, speaking out for what he believed in again but not knowing the history. Cosby was victim because he may have been the one person that could have saved the world from a Trump presidencay.
Bill is not a bad guy and unfortunately he wanted to help black people and Americans with out having the ground work laid for the war that needed to be had. Bill may be completely innocent or completely guilty but what keeps him from having a network is that he doesn’t know their system what probably got him the bad press was his statements on the now President.

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