Today, Gene deal, former bodyguard for bad boy records and confidant to puff daddy, released the first installment of his documentary entitled “The Last Big Night” on M.Reck Tv. If you love hip hop history and conspiracy theories than you will be extremely pleased with the first installment. Gene tries to convey the atmosphere before the fatal trip to LA which blatantly contradicts Puffy’s statements. Gene recalls a conversation with famed deceased bodyguard Anthony “Wolf” Jones where Wolf explained that he wasn’t taking the trip because Puff wasn’t “moving right.”
Gene details countless events that took place during that murderous Soul Train weekend and also gives behind the scene information on Biggie’s last video shoot, “Hyponotized.” Puff may be mentioned several times but it had yet to change the narrative that has been pushed for the past 20 years where Puff seemingly did everything he could to save Biggie’s life and little to help naysayers that believe that P Diddy was directly involved. The video doesn’t do that. It may create concerns about the number of security provided by the label but nothing malicious for sure.
What it does do is paint a detailed picture of the weekend with tons of inside industry history from someone who’s is extremely credible. If there is a nail in the coffin we’ll be tuned in to see it. Click the link here to see the first installment