#Wack100 kills #Treach in a Street Fight #NaughtyByNature #finished

imageWack 100 would destroy Treach if the two ever came to blows. Treach though he may have good intentions doesn’t look as, shall we say, healthy as he did when he was in his hey day. Treach actually seems sickly. It would be like Wack fighting DMX, we all no X is a gangster but he’s been through so much that he couldn’t perform a full song yet alone last 2 rounds of combat. Rumors quickly spread last night about Treach beating up Wack and just as quickly switched to “it wasn’t Treach that got him but a member of the ‘Booya Tribe’ that knocked him out,” once they realized that no one would believe that. imageSeveral online media sources jumped on the story and it festered  the entire night as truth. But one only needs to see Treach’s last post to see that he’s been on the phone all day trying to get a peace treaty with Wack100 from his “OG’s.”  A peace treaty doesn’t sound like a victory and if he’s been doing that all day then he definitely did not have time to fight Wack.

imageSo Treach’s been in the house on the phone and Wack on the other hand says he’s been out all night looking for him. Why have a treaty now if your goal was to defend 2Pac’s legacy? Copping a plea isn’t helping Pac from being slandered. Plus Treach knows little to nothing about the LA gang culture because if he did he would know that each “hood” or “set” is their own independent gang and the colors are really irrelevant these days. Crips bang on Crips and Bloods are banging on Bloods in 2017 and now often times find comfort in clicking up with The opposite colors. Gangs in LA have Rolling Cars, 0’s and Tre’s, and Bloccs, Neighborhoods, and Families attached to their names that allow them to affiliate with things that connect them.

Pirus is gang and in LA they say Pirus aren’t Bloods they’re Pirus. Pirus were Crips for a short while since A.C. Aka King Bobalouie was an original Crip founder from the Eastside so he brought the Compton based Piru Boys into the Crip thing. The Pirus didn’t stay crips long and broke off to become Piru and recruited a few sets into their gang increasing their range and numbers. There is still no bloods at that time only Crips, Pirus, and Bishops. Blood gang is said to be an alliance of gangs that didn’t want to be Crips and dared challenge the Crip dominance. Crips would approach rivals gangs and tell them “Crip or Die” and most gangs would join rather than fight. The Blood gangs decide to fight and keep their independent identity.

So Wack is apart of a gang of independent gangs with no real leaders and within hoods that don’t get along with each other. Treach should have left this to the young kids or the outlaws who can really engage in the coonery. Now that Treach wants out Wack is going to ride him into the ground. See the thing about gang bangers is that they live off this type of action, that’s why it’s called gang activity because their getting busy. Once you step into their world like you want to get a rep there is always some baby gangsta looking to get a stripe of an OG so you have to constantly keep your foot on the gas.

imageWack is looking more and more like the G in this situation and after Treach made a post stating that he doesn’t even rock with his group members in Naughty By Nature anymore Wack100 replied, “way to kill Naughty.” Wow. That’s how you feel Treach when the whole world is looking at you you decide to interject some personal secret beef and kill Naughty By Nature’s legacy while trying to save Tupac’s. Good job Treach. The only way out for Treach is for him to stay in LA long enough for one of the Outlaws or some younger more active Pac fans tag him out like “don’t trip OG I got this.” If not Treach it’s back to couples therapy for you Cuzo.


  • Dazzblood

    Blood this is fake news, I got ties blood to get this fake news bs taken down blood, you faketv niggas ain’t from out here my nigga, nigga wack ain’t from out here nigga, He a buster my nigga an nutv are buster blood for posting like a bitch, get money nigga an stay out this or we on u Buster’s… piru

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