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We hate to see 2 black people going at it in the public forum but when it’s 2 we’ll known and powerful figures then we will tolerate it in hopes of gaining an inside look behind the veil of the glitz and glamour of the Hollywood elite.
Monique addressing/confronting Oprah Winfrey in a public forum is definitely going to make the “people” choose a side, and Monique is trying to demonstrate she’s on the side of “right” and the people we seeing backing Oprah are on the “wrong” side. To prove how wrong they are Mo would have to go in depth and name names and circumstances, and that she certainly did. The problem, as Monique tells it, began during the oscar buzz, but not when Oprah decided to have Monique’s brother, that molested her, on the Oprah Winfrey Show. That was not the reason because Monique stated that  Oprah called Monique and actually asked her if she should have her brother on her show. Mo said she explained to Oprah that her brother is a liar but if he has changed  then sure you should have him on. Mo said her and O then began to talk personally for about an hour an even touched on Mo’s issues with her mother. Mo claims that wasn’t a problem and the problem was that Oprah then had Monique’s mother and father on the show with her brother but Oprah never asked her about her  parents. As a result this created a tension that lingered into other events where they both attended.
oprah_monique_brotherThe “problem” may have intensified when Mo declined to do any international press for the movie “Precious.” Monique said that Oprah called asking if she would mind doing additional press since the movie is doing better than expected. Your probably thinking “why would Oprah care what happens with ‘Precious'” and then think “oh she just did it because she’s cool with Lee Daniels.” Not exactly. The movie “Precious” was distrubted by Lions Gate and Lions Gates basically owns Tyler Perry’s whole brand. Tyler saved Oprah’s network and is Her partner in OWN, meaning she’s actually partners with Lions Gate. Of course Lions Gate wants us to think there independent but they’re down with CBS on the POP network and they produce all of the movies for Netflix. Powerful partners, so if they have a problem with Monique that quickly became a mainstream media problem and the reason she says they tried to “black ball” her.
Who actually are they? Well, Lee Daniels is a name she mentioned several times as the chief antagonist to her struggle. She stated that Daniels spread rumors that Mo was a Diva and difficult to work with. Daniels even went on CNN with Don Lemon and doubled down on Monique live on national television. Tyler Perry was mentioned a few times and in one story in particular she claimed that Tyler asked playwright and filmmaker David Talbert if “Monique was difficult to work with, because she was when he worked with her?” David replied “no she was a pleasure” and Tyler then recanted stating that he never worked with her directly but heard she was. Monique also mentioned Steve Harvey and Sheryl Underwood as people that “claimed” to be her friend, making public statements about the incident but never calling her to see how she was doing directly.
Of course the “incident” was her telling Oprah to “suck her dick!”  Which fans recorded and sent it traveling viral around the world. Monique really might have been going through Hollywood doing whatever she wanted to do and not even thinking about the politics of the industry until she was then shunned by the industry folks she thought were her friends. She really exposed the “fuckery” in the Hollywood industry and because so many big names are involved few reporters dare touch it. But here’s the reality, Mo was paid less than $50,000 to do the movie “Precious” and said she did it as a favor to Lee Daniels. See most of you are in disbelief because you think movies stars get paid millions to do a film and especially an oscar winning film you would expect her, a star of a network series and a queen of comedy, to gain at least $100,000, but no. This is the industry they don’t tell you about, the part where their is no money only endless jobs that keep you in the public light. This isn’t a knock on Daniels because there’s no money in Hollywood to pay people, he gets his budget for that movie from Lions Gate or producers but it’s not his personal money. butlerinprisonLeah Daniels-Butler is often known to produce Lee’s films and she’s his sister. Leah’s husband was indicted on drug charges and allegedly in exchange for her cooperation the Feds reduced her time to just probation and allegedly helped her produce a movie and her brother got to direct it. The NY Daily News reported in November of 2011 that “Daniels-Butler was originally charged with much more serious crimes of attempting to sneak guns, ammo and cash that belonged to her drug dealer husband before cops could execute a search warrant on their home in Thousand Oaks, California.” They continue stating “But prosecutors reduced her case to a simple misdemeanor after husband Henry Butler began cooperating in a major drug probe that snared hip hop impresario James Rosemond.” You can not be sure if they helped her with a movie but few things are by accident and you don’t just get down with majors you have to “be down” and the Feds and CIA work very closely with Hollywood as Hollywood is a matter of national security. The guy her husband ratted on allegedly was already on the police’s payroll.
Monique might not have heard any of this and been oblivious to the inner workings of major studio productions and so her declining their request was an act of treason. See these 3 people are the most powerful black faces in Hollywood and I say faces because they are merely the face for the white folks that pay their salaries. Don Lemon asked Lee Daniels if he was a “sell out” and Lee said he was a sellout and he would continue to do it as long as he can keep working, and exclaimed “see you in the theaters.”
don-lemon-lee-danielsTo that point who are these 3 people selling out? In that same Don Lemon interview Lee Daniels explained how his father never excepted him when he was alive and asked “him why you want to be gay?” I know Lee’s first cousins and they would say how the family would tease him and call him “faggot” and that only his grandmother showed him any affection. We all have heard how Oprah was molested as a child and even forced to sleep on the outside patio. Who are her peoples? Where were these people when she was being molested and he was being teased? Tyler Perry was reported homeless while trying to break into the industry, I’m sure he wish he had some people when he was living in his car.
I wrote in my LA Reid article that Hollywood doesn’t really care about talent they want you to be “down” and when talking to “Entertainment Tonight” about the falling out with Monique, Lee said numerous times “she has to play ball!” Lee is on a team and it ain’t got nothing to do with black people, and based upon his life experience why should it. Oprah’s on a team too. Maybe a couple teams; King World, discovery networks, loins gate, and maybe more but these people put her in the public eye and made her credible enough for us to love her despite what she may have been through. With out these people we wouldn’t love her like we do. And in reality it may appear that they even loved her first. We’re late, some white exec saw her and gave her a shot not a black guy. I know blacks don’t have tv stations, ok but that doesn’t change the fact, she ain’t on your team because your team is full of shit and only believes what the other team tells you. Your team doesn’t have any perks and it sucks at marketing and promotions. Ok I’m talking to Nu TV Network and any truly black owned network that can’t protect their talent. I just explained that their team isn’t paying anybody. Mo got 40 racks for an oscar winning performance but the perks were great and her face was on every cover in their establishment. Why, not because they were celebrating her but because they were celebrating their establishment. Get established and add the fan fare. Point being their team is better than our team because they invented the “fuckery” and mastered the fan fare.
The allure of being adored by reporters and magazines makes the Hollywood “machine” more important than the money. In Hollywood movie stars drive Prius’ not because their Eco friendly but because their broke. This isn’t a knock it’s the struggle and Hollywood likes their artists “starving.” Starving artists are easier to get to “play ball” because they feel desperate and always remember that they don’t know what’s going on but their just glad not to be starving again.
oprah-monique-phillipe-chowTo that end, Lee, Oprah, & Tyler just don’t want to be teased, shunned, and homeless again. In theory these are the best type people to get “down.” If you don’t feel apart of a family it’s difficult to feel apart of an entire race. Alone is alone and that’s how they may have felt, at least until they got with a team, a team “of good white folks and let them work for me” as Oprah said. None the less they were alone and we didn’t help them, the Feds may have helped and the white folks at the studios may have but we didn’t. Here’s comes Monique doing her own thing swinging from “line to hook” not worrying about the fishermen waiting to be fed and along came dinner time and she was no where to be found. She wasn’t down, she didn’t want to play ball. Mo your not a hero your border line crazy and you may have “bigger balls than Lee Daniels” as you stated, you sure have bigger balls than most men because in Hollywood everyone knows you have to get down with somebody 9 times out 10 but I guess Monique is fighting to be the one.
Oprah’s not to blame here, Monique started with Oprah by doing a talk show even if it was late night, she jumped in her lane. Talk shows are also Lions Gate’s money because they own a company called DebMar that produces daytime series including the “Wendy Williams Show,” so Mo made two quick enemies out of her “friends.” Mo insisted that Lee said she was the “Black version of Oprah” and if he thought that how many other people shared those sentiments. Oprah didn’t have to call her to ask if her brother could be on the show but she did and she probably didn’t think of having the mother on until Mo started spilling the tea. It was good ratings and Oprah is messy. We love Oprah but she ain’t Iyanna V. she’s not trying to “fix your life” she’s trying to lay it on the table for the world to see. Even Jerry has a final thought but Oprah just ends with the mess still brewing, we love it. She created the lane for these house wives that have Oprah parties and it morphed into drink throwing reality shows that we love even more.
Monique has every right to fight back and rage against the machine but she has to stop saying “sister girl” and “my sister” because she is your sister but she is your competitor and she has a team of people that are backing her why she withstands your intro into the talk show business. Here team helps her keeps the lights on and the team you had at the time would have been glad to cut into her check, so its no “sister girl” in business but we was your ” real mommy” and it seemed real personal. It wasn’t and it wasn’t even about Mo having a talk show, it was about Mo not being on their team and them showing her, “look we can air out your dirty laundry on the biggest platform in the world,” and they did.
She was “black balled” from their fake world. They own the talk shows that interview the “movie stars” of the movies that they own and if your not on those talk show then people assume your not popping. She gave up on the perks with out realizing there is only perks. Monique even said Hale Berry made breakfast for the oscar board as a part of Hale trying to win her Oscar and how Mo wasn’t doing nothing of the sort. The game is being played but Monique’s just not down to play ball. Monique said she took her security with her into the room when she was “summoned” to see Tyler Perry at Steve Harvey’s “Hoodie Awards” and told her security to stay when Tyler told everyone to leave. Monique isn’t even trying to be in the room with an exec so she must be aware of some potential dangers or she’s one hell of a drama queen. Oprah isn’t to blame because she’s on a team, neither his Tyler and Lions Gate or Lee Daniels and Leah Daniels. They felt as though they had to apply the pressure and of course after her declining them they wouldn’t call her again because now they know she’s not “down.” Again, it goes back to the fact that there is no money in Hollywood. Mega stars will price themselves out of roles because they’re salary demands are to high. Tom Cruise will release a movie straight to DVD right after he releases a major motion picture because he wants to keep working. Will Smith is so expensive that you can not afford him and may have to be willing to let him executive produce the project to cover his salary. But these are action movies that translate in to big box office sales around the world and still no money is made only executive producer credits. In the case of the major productions the studios get large tax incentives and rebates for spending millions of dollars in these towns but the artist doesn’t see this only the executives get the rebates during tax season.
Monique is mad at the wrong people, she’s mad at the people they ask to push buttons not the people calling the shots, and still then she shouldn’t be mad at them because this is business if your not on their team your an “opp” (opposition) and they probably wish they could take back all the fake buzz and fake love they gave to her on their multiple day time talk shows.
monique-showMonique should have went to Oprah when she started her talk show. Did she give Oprah the call that Oprah gave her? She didn’t mention it and she didn’t have too. Monique is a comedian and it was kind of funny in between her calling herself a “bitch” every 6 seconds. Monique is hurt and she wants help. She’s realizing what Tyler, Oprah, & Lee realized a while back, that they don’t have “peoples.” She wants peoples and wants to do the “right” thing but whatever that is it has nothing to do with why she’s mad. If they wouldn’t have black balled her the machine would be “great” but since the “machine” showed her their truly loyalty is only to those that are “down” she hates it because she doesn’t want to get “all the way down.”  Which may be the smartest thing she did because tons of artist that “get down” and “play ball” end up dead with not inheritable wealth just lots of interviews on fake talk shows and their family never gets a penny. Our top 3 do not have any kids so they fit the mold of star players who’s content & images can belong to the machine. Monique is good, she’s still funny and has a brand that is already credible through the machine. She can do shows and star in and executive produce smaller movie releases and eat lovely but having money and being famous are two totally different things, you may have to pick one. This could go in the Bill Cosby category, as an insider possibly being slandered and black balled in the media and not having the objective platform to do objective analysis. You can’t make this a black versus white thing but it is an indie versus major thing. Monique wants to be an indie even if she doesn’t know it, if not she would “play ball.” Those people didn’t hate on her because she was black. They don’t want to be teased, homeless, or made to sleep on the patio anymore and that what’s real not race but a meal. Their team keeps them with lots of perks.
 Be an Indie. Reflect your vision. Create your world.

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