More entertainment. “Blac Youngsta” said “somebody must be snitching,” snitching you or or lying on you Youngsta? We want to hope whoever this “snitch” is is actually a “liar” but your not helping us by saying they snitched. See a snitch is a person that’s telling the truth, it may be to the authorities or to your teacher but their not lying. 100 shots at Young Dolph has made everyone wish he’d stick around a lot longer. It may have create whispers that Youngsta’s label mates where not for the games but it never appeared that anyone on CMG would be that desperate to see Dolph finished. Police tell another tale however, one where Blac Youngsta rented the van used in the shooting and that 2 of Youngsta’s friend participated in the gun play in some fashion.
youngsta gunIf Youngsta truly rented the van then a snitch is probably not what got him caught up, he’d just have to explain “that the van was stolen” but a snitch may explain how his two co-defendants names were given to police although they may have simply left finger prints in the vehicle. The conspiracy charge is actually the snitch card because if they are claiming that these guys conspired to “shoot at” Young Dolph, because their are no attempted murder charges, then they may have either someone that was in on the planning or a witness. It’s an extremely messy situation but the charges all except for the conspiracy charges are better than attempted murder. I say except for conspiracy because conspiracy sentences can range up to 100 years for little to no direct connection to the actual crime.
youngsta n dolphDid Dolph’s diss track really warrant the shooting is my question? You guys are entertainment and we like watching you but in jail you will not be able to entertain us. Doplh dissed Yo Gotti, his baby mother, and his brother on one track and it must of touched a nerve but gentlemen this is hip hop and hip hop is a kind of a culture but you guys are involved in the hip hop sport. In the sport of hip hop it’s competitive and anything goes but as long its inside the ring you can get a check but if it’s outside the ring you can go to jail. Youngsta was really pushing the entertainment envelope and we all waited to see when some foreign store clerk would push him off the counter and kick him out the store. His brazen boundary pushing was thrilling because we all have been to the gas station but have never imagined dancing on the counter. It is daring and also dam entertaining but it’s entertaining because it’s a tad dangerous and illegal. Youngsta’s personality makes certain that the store employees are having the time of their lives but use viewers are still waiting for some little old lady to call the cops.
Youngsta Gas Station
It’s a strange thing that rappers can’t get along especially when they are seemingly successful and supporting their families and friends with their rap careers.
So who’s snitching? I definitely don’t think it’s Young Dolph or it might be attempted murder they was facing. Nobodies probably snitching but it does sound good to say the press. Now that the police say Youngtsa and CMG were involved in the shooting may push Young Dolph to respond back with force to save face. Youngsta said the van was stolen, lets see.