It’s a culture of fast paced glitz and glamour that’s hard as heck to leave. How many women, before Bill O’Reilly’s scandal broke national headlines, in the entertainment industry do you think were sexual harassed? If you say all of them you would be just guessing but uncommonly close. If it was all of them then we would have to assume that the majority of women we see in tv have green lighted the harassment and passed into to consensual sexual assault. I’ll get back to that. We’ve all heard of the “casting couch” where it’s said that all Hollywood starlets female or male must participate in sexual adventures with either the producer or the director or both. So rumors of sex as a pass to another level is embedded into the entertainment culture. Most girls get off the bus knowing what may be expected of them yet still they pursue their dreams.
Currently in the commercial entertainment industry there is no such thing as harassment only “is she down with the team?” Being down with the team will have many a newcomer jumping through flaming hoops of fire just to demonstrate their loyalty to people that think they are replaceable/expendable. While your young and sexy your an assistant and when your a little older your a supervisor if your down with the team. By then you know so many of your bosses secrets it’s almost black mail. But what did you have to go through to get a supervisor position? I’m sure in entails lots of years and miles on your back. The smart ones keep hot girls around them that’s with it and then they don’t have to consent to the assaults as often, I assume.
These executives are only victims of sexual assaults that have found a way to cope with the abuse. One you get in it’s hard to give it up. “Girl you used to work for Epic what happened?” Do you tell your friend from college the whole story and will she care? She probably won’t care and will just think your making excuses for not being able to hang. It’s even worse with your family because they’ve all heard the stories and just don’t understand why you would even jeopardize your safety like that. It’s like you know what your getting into and then you want to cry “cause the dog bite you.” Of course sexual harassment is not a small thing. It doesn’t have to happen and should be eradicated from the workplace altogether but the entertainment industry will never change. Never ever simply because there is no industry, at least not a legit it one. Just because you have a degree from a university in the arts doesn’t mean some company has to hire you. Nope they give “waitresses” leading roles and make them stars overnight. They will sell anybody and anything if their “down.” Harvard is supposedly a great school but their not known for having all super movie stars even though they teach drama. The point I’m making is the prestige of your degree means nothing to them. You can be doing all of the right things and trying to stay professional but that’s not how you get down. First thing is it’s not professional, at all. Never heard about those big hollywood meetings with producers and executives that always take place at restaurants. No one in Hollywood likes to meet in an office drinks for lunch or Starbucks if your on a budget but some kind of field trip is preferable. People are normally put off by the price of these meals but their purpose is way more sinister. They want to feel you out, see if your cool, see if you know any secrets, and keep you keep secrets. You can’t trade secrets in an office someone might be recording. So now if you don’t have any secrets to offer you better have some relationships because the only thing left to offer them is sex. Make sure the relationships you offer are with people who know secrets or people down to have sex or else your going to get no where. Can’t offer him money because in Hollywood everyone has money secrets are hard to come by. Not all secrets are sexual or scandalous the best secrets to them are “how to make money off of people” and how to “promote the people they make money off.”
They only really want to make money to these guys “harassing” & “sexually assaulting” their employees is the cost for being around. Sex with them is a secret. Most of them are married and if it’s gay sex it’s almost definitely a secret. But the the root word of secretary, keeping secrets. LA Reid did not mean to assault anyone, he thought she was down. It’s the culture, he only lived in his environment where women are down.
How many Tommy Motola type record executives need to marry their top selling artist, Mariah Carey, to show people the power of the executive strings. Berry Gordy married Dianna Ross way back when. You have a person with resources and a person who believes they need these resources to live their dream. The person with the resources logically says “I can give these resources to anybody why would I give them to you?” Their talking to a desperate person or at least a person that feels they are desperate and they are liable to do anything to “line their dream.” But in reality executives don’t even believe these people are desperate enough and they seek less trained less professional people that have nothing to fall back on and have to depend on them for the success and life they are given. These people will never turn on their puppet masters and extremely down. Being extremely down means they have loads of secrets on you. I hope you didn’t think they were just going to make you reach and famous and then be able to grow a brain and leave them alone.
It’s hard to believe that a women was even able to work for a top executive like LA Reid without her being “down” with someone else. That’s what references are for, “hello,  is she down? Ok cool she’s not down.” But no we have to explain how the Black Man got caught just being in an environment. Music is was worst than television for sexually harassing girls because lots of girls think they can sing and the rest can rap and/or model but films are the best for sexual assault. Mr. Reid is not a bad guy and surely not a predator of some sort. This isn’t the lady at the grocery store or just him being sexual to random people but he was inside of an environment where that is normal. Not saying the woman was wrong, she was absolutely right, the environment is wrong but will it ever change.