It’s easy to fool the masses of people. First you create a system of credibility and then everything that falls outside of that system seems like a lie. Of course everything with in the system may be false but it appears credible to those seeking credibility. Really good information might not be entertaining, it might be distracting or even disturbing depending on how emotionally attached the reader is to the subject. Listening to music definitely effects us emotionally and therefore our artists and especially our favorite musicians have an emotional connection to us listeners that love their music. Few musicians have ever touched us like Tupac Shakur did and few have since his untimely passing but the emotional connection we have for 2Pac is what makes us anxious to know what really happened that night in Las Vegas. The mainstream media seems to remind us at every turn that 2Pac had just beaten up known gang member Orlando Anderson and that in retaliation for being beat up Orlando Anderson aka Baby Lane gathered up his “Crip” partners and rode on Tupac and Suge Knight leaving both shot but only Pac would die. Great story and it makes tons of sense to those fans that follow the media but have little to no “street sense.” We could solve this case by just releasing the footage of the street cameras from the Vegas strip or the camera views from in front of the hotels, there’s nothing but cameras everywhere in Vegas but okay “they” say there’s no footage. Since there is no footage some assume that some higher authority was involved way above a mere gang bangers pay grade, but it is highly unlikely. So with no footage we have to rely on witnesses and police reenactments to piece together what happened that night but in reality what happened that night is not the issue, the issue is the planning that had to be involved to pull it off. Let’s go back to when Tupac signed with Death Row in jail. Pac thought he was signing a 3 album deal and that when his commitments were filled at least he could renegotiate if not leave all together. Now he’s free and having made All Ayes On Me a 2 disc album he only needed to release one more album with them. Looking back in hind sight we can see that Tupac didn’t know how gangster record labels really are.
imageStarting from that night won’t help us because Pac will still be dead but understanding the system that allowed him to die may save your child’s life. What is a record deal from a major label? Well a record deal is a loan from the record label to an artist to produce and promote the artist’s music. They’re loan sharks but even better because they get to own your masters and your publishing where as once you pay the loan shark back it’s over. The record company on the other hand lends you the money and then tells you how to spend it and who to spend it with. They also handle all of the marketing in house and they control most of the top agents and managers because they control all of the credible venues. If you want to perform at the Copa you need to ask the Mob, it’s just that simple. Night clubs, liquor, and women are what the mob is known for and you need all three of these things to have a concert. Pac didn’t know that, he comes from the Panthers legacy so he was still mad at the government directly. Of course the “government” knows what’s really going on but the “government” is a fan of business and music is big business. The entire industry is definitely not the mob but the “good” ones are, if not the mob would shake them down and snatch their venues from the label’s artists. We all know Frank Sinatra was a mafia affiliate and he sold more records than Elvis. Did you think the mob just made all of that money and disappeared? No they didn’t, they dug in expanded into race music and folk/rock music breaking legs and leaving bodies along the way. I’m not stating that Tupac’s label was the Mob I’m just informing the reader of the history and mentality of the record industry. Pac himself did state he was apart of the MOB but that is not the historical mob I’m detailing but granted did the Mob he Pac joined have the same mentality of the historical Mob. Poor Pac just wanted to put out his music and get out of prison as soon as possible. This is what the Mob feeds off, weakness of any kind and Tupac’s desperation to get out of Clinton Max made him a prime target. It’s important to note that Snoop Dogg did not receive his Death Row contract until after he caught the murder charge and needed big time lawyer’s fees. “Oh you caught body, sign this or go to jail,” is basically the “deal” they offered Snoop and of course he took it. Snoop may have showed them an easy come up and 2Pac was the next to be ensnarled in their trap. Now in 2017 it seems obvious, we know Pac had sent a letter to David Kenner terminating him as his manager and we know that Pac wanted off Death Row. There are multiple statements from Pac’s bodyguard Frank Alexander before he died stating that Tupac gave back his Death Row chain and Tupac’s assistant stated she wrote the letter for Pac that relieved David Kenner. Sources say that Pac didn’t even want to hang with “tha Row” anymore and that a judge ordered Pac to perform at Mike Tyson’s event as part of his community service. That is a change request since Kodak Black recently violated his probation by performing at an Adrien Broner boxing match but here a judge seemingly ordered it. Let’s skip to after the fight when someone whispered something in Tupac’s ear that made him attack Baby Lane, a person Pac had never met. The hotel cameras are on Pac, he just performed but he has no hotel security, and now he beats up Orlando Anderson. Let’s skip back past the shooting and go to Suge’s trial where he was sentence to jail for violating his parole for the kicks he got in on Baby Lane. Who introduced the MGM footage to the court is important but often overlooked. Allegedly David Kenner introduced the footage that got Suge booked, yes his own lawyer gave the judge the tape that got him arrested. Now a days we would say he got “finessed” but back then emotions ran to high to see the whole play. The play was always the same but the players changed and that time they got Suge. Back to Vegas, because here we can only speculate about what happened when they left the MGM and met up at the mansion? At that time Suge is still a team player and he probably told Pac that if you leave us they will show the footage of the fight to a judge and get him violated. Pac probably said “Fuck them crackers” or something to that effect and the call was made to take him out. But he didn’t die from the gunshots he died because they put him in an induced coma and then pulled the plugged. The Mob killed Tupac and made billions off his death and they may have killed his mother Afeni Shakur to kill his legacy.
imageThey put Malcom X’s head in a toilet bowl during his movie and brothers stop wearing the X hat. There are stories from Daz Dillinger of the Dogg Pound that one fired director wanted Tupac to get raped in jail in the new movie. We must also realize that his mother Afeni was going to court to get the movie stopped but died the weekend before the court hearing. Michael Jackson and Prince’s death allows us to see how important publishing is to record labels.
It’s easy to fool the masses just entertain them. Pac was a victim of the commercial music industry similar to Otis Redding and Jimi Hendrix who deaths both were under mysterious circumstances that happened after they tried to leave the mainstream or do their own thing. Suge didn’t own the label he was just a handler, a security guard for prisoners and parolees. He didn’t even have the money to bail out Pac, it was given to Suge in pieces from record labels and lawyers that all had a vested interested in Pac’s earnings. If Pac had survived the shooting they may have tried to kill him again because they seen how much work he had created and wanted to control his catalogue. That’s why what actually happened in Vegas doesn’t need to be seen to be understand. The reality of the music industry is not the image that they portray. They get kids from the ghetto and hypnotize them with the silver spoon. It’s by design that we don’t have an alternative platform for indies to create and maintain their artistic integrity instead we watch them parade dressing wear men and lipo sculpted women in front us everyday and we attempt emulate the weirdness that we think made that artist successful.
imageThe stark reality is these artists are not successful they’re actually losers and we are watching to see when they lose. This is equally as true in the case of Tupac as well, Pac shooting at cops and spitting on writers was setting him up for a hard fall and we were front row watching. Add to the mix the beef with Biggie Smalls that the media inflated into an east coast-west coast beef, and it was only a matter of time before we would get to see 2Pac murdered or locked up again. We all knew something was bound to happen and when it did happen it fit nicely into our entertainment and we failed to do the in-depth research. Both of them guys got played especially Suge because Death Row was bankrupt and a laughing stock by the time he got out of jail the first time. You know that part in “Good Fellas” when he says “after you drained all the accounts and borrow every dollar you can squeeze, you light a match…” They drained Death Row and they light a match. Watch this video to hear how Suge knows that he and Tupac may have been shot up by people that worked for Death Row.