Our President is persistent if nothing else. Today the revised travel ban was heard in court. 12 federal judges listened to arguments from the government of why the ban should be legal and from individuals and concerned groups about how terrible the ban is. Though the harsh words like “religion” may have been removed the ban is especially harming to  Syria, Yemen, Sudan, and Somalia. When the judge in Hawaii “struck down” the order about a month ago he only took out the ban on the 6 countries the rest of the travel ban is in full effect. Of course President Trump through his administration insists the ban Muslim ban is to protect Americans which today may have more merit than ever. With Trumps recent bombings of Syria and the dropping of the “Mother Of All Bombs” on Afghanistan, he may have place an even bigger target on America and it’s citizens. Using recent examples of Paris’ police shooting and others the government has a strong case. But is this akin to a new from of Jim Crow segregation, maybe. American citizens are taking this lightly and have staged protests and boycotts to voice their dissatisfaction. Trump is looking for fights and taking all comers. Late week he twitted “America needs a good shutdown.” Sounds like a war cry if I ever heard one. The “Muslim Ban” or travel ban is due in court on a related issue next week. We’ll keep you posted. image.jpg