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“Heights Girl” Series visually incredible!

The Cleveland Original Series we all love...

The Cleveland Original series that everyone loves is of course “Heights Girl” starring the super talented Jalisha Johnson as the bad and bougee girl named Unique from the nice area of Cleveland called the Heights. Unique falls for the worst guy ever, Bryce, played by Alex Brookins though he swears he wants to leave the streets alone episode 1 started with him blowing someone brains out. The incredible cinematography from HWIC Filmworks and director David Snyder visually sets the series above the crowd. The color and texture of each scene helps tell the story like one of the actors. Intense close ups and gripping landscapes keep viewers in awe as the action keeps coming. Bryce may turn out to be a nice guy but the directors having him looking great as a bad guy. Watch a new episode of “Heights Girl” each Tuesday Night in HD only on the Nu, Nu TV Network. img_4310.jpg

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